Company Overview

G&G Publishing Services, LLC, was founded in 1998 and provides a broad range of services to the publishing industry. Our highly-trained staff has produced the circulation statements for BPA Worldwide for the last ten years. In addition, G&G has developed two unique on-line products to help Publishers better manage their business, Competitive Analysis System (CAS) and MVS: Measuring Print-to-Web Connections,

Competitive Analysis System (CAS) grew out of the recognition of the shortcomings of existing advertising tracking services. Publishing executives from G&G with many years of extensive experience in the publishing industry created this system. It provides publishers with timely, accurate data packaged within an easy to use On-line system that serves the information needs of both management and sales staff.

MVS: Measuring Print-to-Web Connections, was designed to independently measure and report the effectiveness of print advertising to drive readers to client web sites. In a world where Advertisers are demanding proof of ROI, MVS provides the solution.

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Tools for Management

CAS reports are custom-crafted to help you manage your publication and your staff—with greater clarity and accountability.

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Tools for Salespeople

CAS reports deliver comprehensive information to maximize market intelligence and increase sales productivity.

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Is your publication getting credit?

MVS will let you PROVE through 3rd party measuring and reporting that print ads in your magazine drive more buyers to your advertisers' websites than any other medium.

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